What Stops Most Renters from Owning?

  • Lack of a large downpayment
  • Past credit issues
  • Making credit purchases during the loan process
    • Such as cars, furniture, or applying for credit
  • Unable to get a higher paying job/career because of credit background checks
    • This affects a renter’s income and sometimes the ability to qualify.

If you’re serious about owning a home, we can help and we work with you until you’re a home owner. Lifetime Membership

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What is a Coordinator Specialist?

Coordinator Specialists (in this context):

  1. Provide education to help you avoid pitfalls that could otherwise lead to being unable to qualify for a home loan. Things to do and not to do.
  2. Give you access to the processing center if credit restoration is desired. This is because most people can’t qualify and need assistance with paperwork done for them.
  3. Continue to assess your file until it becomes ready for a lender to see. They will introduce you to the lender that they feel will give you the best terms. These lenders constantly change as programs change.
  4. Are not real estate licensed and not lenders. This is designed intentionally so there isn’t a conflict of interest.
  5. Normally will work with you before a real estate agent or lender. 
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This section is designed to educate you about the whole process. A certificate of competition is available after a member sees videos and answers questions. This isn’t a requirement but it can save you a lot of money, time, as well as annoyance in the future.

These are time tested strategies and information that you should know to have a smoother transaction as well as a less stressful financial life. 🙂

#2 Overview of Membership

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#3 Why the Credit Restoration Process?

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#4 Don’t Be a Creditor’s Prey!

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The Checklist

#5 A Credit Slip After Completion

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#6 Earn a Referral Fee of $150

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#7 Become a Landlord and Why?

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#8 Additional Support